Safety Details

ASA Members Only AST Training Class Edmonton
Nov 14 2020

ASA Members only AST class in Edmonton, Nov 14
and 15.

ASA office staff will be present with Memberships for sale, should attendees wish to purchase
at the door.

Saturday, November 14

Indoor Rescue Workshop - Get hands on with your Gear!

Doors open 6:00

Class 6:30-9:30

Sunday, November 15

AST 1 Class

Doors open 8:30 AM

Class 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Changes due to COVID:

- People can arrange their own seating in theater style

family/friend bubbles can sit together

- others
sit at 2m spacing.

- No tables

- Bring your own lunches, beverages and snacks

-Students must bring and wear masks

- Mandatory hand sanitizer at door in morning and before

- Disinfecting wipes in washrooms for students to clean
up the surfaces they touched

- Staff to wipe down bathroom and other high touch
surfaces before class and before each break.

- Instructor will not be wearing a mask when teaching and at a safe distance from the students.

- Instructor will wear a mask when not teaching

- Zacs books and pens are unused and sanitary.

- Zac’s to provide hand sanitizer gel and alcohol wipes

Rescue Workshop

- People bring own (or borrow) avy gear and backpacks.
Zacs won’t provide demo backpacks but could lend out transceivers, shovels,
and probes. Students to sanitize borrowed items before
using and before returning.

- Instructor and students will wear mask for rescue workshop.

contact Lori Zacaruk