Jason Burke

My Instagram handle is @jrburke87

The photo above is me with my wife and children.

Sledding for me used to be about catching that next big thrill but over the years it’s become so much more than that. It’s has become community and family.

I use my passion to encourage everyone in the sport. Whether it’s pushing experienced riders out of their comfort zone to gain new skills or encouraging a new rider to help build their confidence. Supporting everyone in the sport is my goal and this would make me a valuable ambassador for the Alberta Snowmobile Association.

Since becoming parents snowmobiling has taken an even greater role in my wife and I’s lives. Our two kids are, dare I say, even more passionate about the sport that we are. So teaching them safety along with having fun has become top priority. Having them grow up along side a group of like minded families and the ASA would only help support our goal of fostering safe, fun riding.