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My name is Jessie Mccoy I have been snowmobiling most of my life but have really got into mountain sledding over the past four years. Snowmobiling within Alberta is something that I have enjoyed doing with my family and friends and exploring all the new location and trails we have not explored yet and the amazing time at the poker rally’s. In hopes that this season brings us good snow the golden triangle is on my bucket list, and I hope to check that of my bucket list this season with some awesome ladies from She Throttles as a She throttles ladies’ event. I have been part of the Alberta Snowmobile Association through Sno-seekers here in Edson Alberta. I see all the hard work that goes into the trail system within Alberta, and it is truly amazing the people that get together and put their heart and soul into it. I am also the founder of She Throttles and have hosted family rides within Edson and have donated an out house at Larry’s lunch location and cash donation to the ASA from proceeds that was earned through out the season. Supporting local groups, I believe is essential and we all play an important part within building together in the snowmobile industry. I have supported and encouraged riders to purchase their season passes each season. I have hosted a She Throttles family rides in Edson I had reach out to Darren with Edson Sno-seekers to have someone from the club available for people to purchase their passes and be part of this event. Over the last few years of growing, She Throttles I have also stayed in contact with the club and continue to do so and try to participate and promote events that are happening all around Alberta. I believe that I would be a great candidate as an ambassador as I feel I have the same values are the association and with my personal social media account and She Throttles account I believe that I am able to support and promote ASA to my full potential.