Lisa McLean

Lisa McLean

Why do you want to be an ASA Ambassador?

I’m extremely excited to be a new ASA Ambassador for this season! I look
forward to bringing more awareness to the amazing riding opportunities
available right here in Alberta and encouraging more riders to get involved
with their local ASA Clubs! We are SO lucky to have such an expansive trail
network in Alberta and without continued volunteer involvement this would
not and could not exist!

How long have you been riding?
I started snowmobiling about 12 years ago.

What do you ride?
I currently ride a 2016 SkiDoo MXZ 600 aka “Zeddy”.

What is something we should know about you?
While a lot of sledders are mountain addicts, I’m a total trail junkie!
There’s no better way to spend a winter day than out exploring the amazing
trails that the ASA clubs work so hard on! I typically ride over 1000kms on
the ASA trail network each season.

Super excited for an amazing season of sledding this year!! Let the snow
dances begin!!