Sam Kyle

Why do you want to be an ASA Ambassador?

I want to be an ASA ambassador because I would like to be more involved in the sledding community! I’ve been around powersports my whole life, but sledding is my passion. It’s challenging but yet brings me much joy and it’s rare I don’t have a smile on my face. The ultimate goal would be able to more and more people to experience this. The sledding community is incredible overall, it’s like a second family of those who you meet on the trails and mountains. Even complete strangers will help you out if you are in a pickle. Everyone comes home at the end of the day.

Alberta is home to thousand’s of snowmobile trails which the general public may not be aware of. I love to help spread awareness of this vast trail system and local clubs to support to grow our community.

IG handle: @samanthajanekyle

How long have I been riding :

I actually didn’t grow up snowmobiling. I got my first sled in in 2015 and started on trails and fields around home. Then started mountain riding in 2018/2019. So 9 years

What do I ride :

Currently, 2019 Summit 850 165

What is something to know about me:

I’m very much a busy body, especially outdoors. Sledding is my passion, but in the off season I’m always doing something. Dirt biking. Hiking. Camping. Wake surfing. Paddle-boarding. Farming. Starting renovation projects that never get done in a timely fashion.