Sledder Box

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Imagine a life where your snowmobile stoke never had to be tamed...Where sledder vibes arrive on your doorstep every 3 months. Our team of sledders scour the globe to handpick the finest items from leading snowmobile brands, ensuring each box is a treasure trove of high-quality gear that fuels your snowmobiling passion.

When do boxes ship?

The Quarterly Sledder Box ships 4 times per year. Every 3 months your sledder stoke is refuelled by the magic contained inside each box. Boxes ship out around the 15th of the month(January, April, July, October).

What's inside each box?

Well, that's kind of a secret. It's what makes it so exciting - not knowing what kind of goodies you're going to get hooked up with until the box arrives!

But, in general, you should expect:

  • At least $150 worth of gear. This could be 2 items, or it could be 6 items. Just know you're getting a DANG GOOD DEAL on gear. :-)
  • 1 exclusive (and HIGHLY coveted) premium snowmobiler t-shirt featuring a cool brand within the sledder industry - just check our Instagram for previous collaborations!
  • 1 premium // durable sticker sheet full of fire stickers and funny sayings - no brainer here but you'll love that sticker replenishment drop every 3 months!
  • THE COVETED GOLD CARD - a secret VIP card full of deals from snowmobile gear brands - is
  • for your eyes only and we work HARD to get these discounts for you. Discounts range from 10% - 50% off!
  • How often am I billed?

    Since the Sledder Box is a quarterly subscription, you'll be billed every 3 months. So, when you place your order today, you'll be billed again in 3 months from now, then again in another 3 months and so on.


    YES. >>> You can cancel anytime. Within your Sledder Box account, you can manage your subscription settings... let it run on autopilot, pause your subscription, add another box, etc.

    Let me know if you have any questions and when you plan on sending emails out.